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Julia is committed to being a good steward of, and vessel for, her ancestors’ stories. As a storyteller, she works across multiple genres with a range of mediums, from text to textiles. As a creative and grief guide, Julia is invested in cultivating care, creativity, and community through a robust workshop facilitation practice. She was a 2023 Diaspora Solidarities Lab Community Fellow and a Spring 2022 Reclamation Ventures Impact Grantee (healing practices for grief).

In 2022, as the recipient of the Black Art in America Foundation “The Next Big Idea” grant, Julia founded the Harrisburg Youth Arts Incubator, an experimental artmaking program for young people ages 12-17. She is also the founder of the creative container, Black Mermaids and the author of six books, including two children’s books. In addition, her short film, Grief is the Glitch debuted in 2022.

In 2024, Julia opened TEN OH! SIX, a community cultural gathering space that centers connection, creativity, and curiosity.

Julia is the mother of three children and is from the Southside of Harrisburg.

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