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Sensual Sonku Series

The Sensual Sonku Series is a pleasure-filled space to explore craft and create stanzas modeled after the sonku, the poetic form invented by Sonia Sanchez.

Now Futures:  Poetry & Possibility

What world do you think is possible? What does it mean to write ourselves into the future using poetry while guided by the creative work of Lucille Clifton, June Jordan, Audre Lorde, and Sonia Sanchez.

The Naming of Dreams

This title is an homage to June Jordan who said: "Poetry is the most personal language of experience. It is how we name what happens to us. It is how we name ourselves. It is how we name our dreams so that others will join in our naming. It is how we name what terrified, and how we exorcise that terror. It is attitude and response. It is consistently individual." 

How might we use poetic verse (haiku, haiju and sonku) to dream together?



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Writing Grief and Going On 

Writing Grief and Going On offers participants the opportunity to examine their relationship to grief and the possibilities that exist for its representation using the written word. “Going on” is an expression from Lucille Clifton’s poem, “for deLawd”, which chronicles the grief of child loss survivors. This session will feature grief-centered excerpts of creative nonfiction/popular writing, fiction, memoir, and poetry from Elizabeth Alexander, Lucille Clifton, Edwidge Danticat, Zora Neale Hurston, Toni Morrison, and Jesmyn Ward.

The Black Women's Guide to Grief

The Black Women's Guide to Grief will honor and hone in on the complex ways that Black women may uniquely experience grief and loss. BWGG pulls from the archives of lived experience, pop culture, literature and music.

BALM (Black Affirmations for Love and Mourning)

Working from a belief that we cannot avoid our grief and be free, BALM seeks to offer a soothing space to tap into the transformative power of grief as guided by the elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.






"Julia is such an incredible conduit of inquiry. She really creates amazing paths to exploring one's self. I highly recommend everything she leads/creates."

Shanti,   Sable Collective

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Whose Imagination Created You?

Whose Imagination Created You offers a space to explore your origin story, including the source of potential limiting beliefs or the source of our shrinking. You will visit multiple dimensions to "meet yourself back where you started but stronger" as Beyoncè says in Black is King.

Conjuring with Collage for Storytelling​

How might we expand our writing and storytelling using visual art making techniques such as collage as a guide? Conjuring with Collage for Storytelling is an interactive, hybrid writing and visual art making space for all levels.

Capes Into Pillows 2.0

How do we intentionally choose rest and self-care rather than fall from the sky? Capes Into Pillows helps us locate our ideas around rest, reciprocity, and reclaiming one’s time. In “Capes Into Pillows 2.0” participants will craft a project that serves as a visual representation of the things they are carrying within their cape and how they may be weighing them down while preventing their ability to find balance, rest, and care.



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Acorn Center for Freedom and Restoration

Black Spatial Relics

Bunker Hill Community College

Camp Curtin YMCA

Charm: Voices of Baltimore Youth

Collective Action for Safe Spaces

Crozer Chester Medical Center

Diversity and Inclusion Professionals of Central PA

Elizabethtown College

Envision Series by Dr. Kari



Harrisburg Area Community College

Hospice of Central PA

Lancaster County Community Foundation


Messiah College

Midnight Brunch

National Coalition of 100 Concerned Black Women – Harrisburg Chapter

North Philly Peace Park

Raising Mothers

Roots. Wounds. Words.: A Literary Arts Revolution

Sanity Sessions for Sisters

Sankofa African American Theater

Stephens College

The Free Black Women’s Library

The Sable Collective

The Threshold Community

UPMC Pinnacle

West Chester University

​Young Women’s Empowerment Academy




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“…took me to a place I didn’t even realize I was going. Thought-provoking and self-reflection came at the perfect time. Whose voice do you hear besides your own to make you think and move…” - EM


"I want to tell you how amazing the session was last week. I was so humbled to hear how open and honest people were about sharing about their losses...What a marvelous opportunity you are providing."  - Barbara


"[it] was really good especially for someone like me that doesn't like to talk to people...I really liked the mix of stories from participants and your mini writing assignments..." – Tiffany

"...I got my name back yesterday. And I just want to be ready for what's next."  - CJB


"You curated such a beautiful space." – Danielle

“I use these workshops to expose my colleagues and clients to different healthy therapeutic outlets to better cope with their grief loss and human suffering.” – DB


"Sistah Julia’s grief workshop provided a key to unlock the holding cell of pain i grew accustomed to living in.  in that space i met someone i’d neglected: me."   -nh

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